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February 2016 Archives

Tips for dealing with parenting conflicts with your ex

Every divorced parent is concerned about making mistakes. Don't worry -- you will, and so will your ex. However, it's how you deal with those mistakes, both the ones you make and particularly the ones that your ex makes, that can help you both build a better co-parenting relationship for the sake of your kids.

Unmarried couples can and should have parenting agreements

Unmarried fathers have the right to seek custody and visitation of their biological children, just as married fathers do when they divorce their child's other parent. If legal paternity wasn't established when the child was born and the couple wasn't married, the father will need to take that step before seeking custody and/or visitation rights.

When can you hold your ex in contempt of court?

Of course, everyone hopes that after their divorce is finalized, their ex-spouse will comply with the terms they've agreed upon. However, too often, that's not the case. Fortunately, there are legal steps that you can take if your ex isn't living up to the terms -- whether it involves child or spousal support, visitation or custody or any other matter spelled out in your documents. A divorce decree, after all, is a court order.

Maryland lawmakers consider Amber's Bill

Maryland state legislators are holding hearings on a proposed piece of legislation referred to as Amber's Bill. It was named for a woman who was killed in Berwyn Heights in 2012 by her ex-boyfriend who was reportedly distraught over their break-up. He was found guilty of killing her by slashing her throat. She had obtained a protective order against the man, but that was not enough to protect her.

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