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October 2015 Archives

Maryland man appeals ruling that he has no legal rights to child

We've talked here before about the challenges that gay couples still face in getting custody and visitation rights to their children even though same-sex marriage is now legal throughout the country. One transgender Maryland man is fighting his way through the Maryland judicial system for the right to see the boy he considers his son.

Men can also be victims of domestic violence

People often make the assumption when they hear statistics or reports about domestic violence that men are the ones committing the acts and that women are the victims. While this is true in many cases and can't be overlooked, it's also important to remember that men can be victims of domestic violence in Maryland, just like women.

How do you handle running into your ex?

Even if you don't have children, if you and your ex stay in the same area after you divorce, chances are that you may run into each other from time to time. You may maintain some shared friendships and even family connections. You may both shop at your favorite grocery store or go to the same gym. The bottom line is that you may run into each other.

Maryland laws stiffened to help domestic violence victims

Effective Oct. 1, Maryland has toughened its laws in an effort to increase protections for victims of domestic violence at the hands of a current or former romantic partners. A spokesperson for the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence noted in a report for Washington, D.C.'s WJLA news that these changes will help provide those victims with some of the same protections as those who are victims of spousal abuse.

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