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Interstate child custody matters are complex

When it comes to child custody, there are many life events that can dramatically change how the former spouses deal with their custody arrangement. A change in a person's salary, or the loss of a job, can force a change in the way one spouse pays the other in child support, or it could force a change in custody as one of the spouses may not be able to fully support the child.

And then there are the life events that force one of the spouses to move to a different state. These events can greatly complicate child custody agreements. Thankfully, there is a uniform child custody law that almost every state abides by. That still doesn't mean that the arrangement will be simple, though.

When interstate custody becomes a question, the parents will have to work hard to come up with a new custody agreement. Say one of the parents gets a new job in a different state; or that a medical emergency forces the parent to move somewhere else, either for his or her sake or for the sake of a loved one or family member; these types of situations necessitate a change in the child custody arrangement.

There are also unfortunate circumstances where a parent has sole custody and the other parent may try to wrestle that custody away. There could also be domestic abuse allegations that influence a child custody arrangement, may it involve interstate circumstances or not.

In any of these cases, it behooves the spouses to consult with an experienced attorney to help them with their custody case.

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