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How is unpaid child support collected?

Needless to say, it's pretty frustrating to have a judge in Maryland rule that you should be given child support and then to have the other parent fail to make those payments. You may feel like you don't have many options to get the money, but there are actually a lot of steps that can be taken by the proper authorities, such as:

-- Withholding the money for the child support payments from the other person's wages or his or her unemployment benefits.-- Taking the state or federal tax refunds before they get to the person and withdrawing the funds from those returns.-- Making reports about the lack of payments to the credit bureaus, which can influence the person to pay.-- Asking the Motor Vehicle Administration to suspend the person's driver's license until payments are made.-- Taking any money from Maryland lottery winnings in the same way that tax returns are intercepted.-- Using a garnishment system and working with the person's financial institutions.-- Asking for a recreational or professional license to be suspended.-- Taking the person to court for contempt of court and failure to pay.-- Asking for any passport renewals to be denied.-- Turning to federal authorities if the person has tried to skip payments by relocating to a different state.

Don't feel like you just have to accept the fact that the other parent is not going to pay to help you raise your child. Instead, become familiar with all of the legal options that are laid out before you, and make use of the ones that best fit your situation.

Source: The People's Law Library of Maryland, "Enforcement & Collection of Child Support," accessed Aug. 13, 2015

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