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Divorce can teach important life lessons

A divorce is a huge event in anyone's life in Maryland, and people who have gone through it often learn a lot about themselves and about life in general. If you're moving toward a divorce, not only do you want to know what legal steps you need to take, but you also want to consider the following lessons that others have shared.

1. Often, the other person won't change.

In movies and books, huge changes to a person's personality are common, and many people approach a marriage thinking they can change the person they married into the person they wanted to marry. In reality, this usually just isn't true, as most people stay generally the same, with only minor changes.

2. Opposites break up.

There's an old saying that opposites attract, and it may be true when you're dating. However, the reality of marriage is that people who are too different are more likely to split up when those differences stop being endearing.

3. Going slow is often best.

There are exceptions to everything, but it's often best if a relationship doesn't move too quickly so that you can learn about each other and get to know one another. For example, one person who got engaged in under a year said that marriage then held a lot of surprises.

4. Both sides may have some responsibility.

It's natural to want to blame the other person when a marriage doesn't work out. Most of the time, though, both sides actually have some responsibility. Things will go much easier if you are both able to admit to things that are your fault.

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Lessons My Divorce Taught Me About Lasting Love," Terry Gaspard, Aug. 14, 2015

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