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Domestic abuse charges can have serious consequences for parents

As a lawyer who practices family law, you're virtually guaranteed to encounter domestic violence as an issue in some of your cases. Domestic abuse is all too common in our society, perhaps especially among people who are going through divorce or child custody cases. Why? Allegations of spousal or family violence have important legal consequences.

After decades of experience in family law, Attorney Steven J. Gaba has handled many cases involving domestic violence allegations. In many, many cases, clients are in abusive relationships and are making their way out through divorce. They're often suffering from physical injuries and emotional damage, and they come to Mr. Gaba's office hoping he has more to offer than an order of protection. (He does.)

In a substantial number of cases, however, the allegations of domestic violence or child abuse are false. It's a sad fact, but some people are willing to accuse a former spouse of abuse simply because it could give them an advantage in the determination of child custody. Others may make false allegations because they don't want to have to co-parent with their ex. 

Family law is complicated, but experience can provide perspective

Steven J. Gaba has represented both men and women in domestic violence situations. He has handled cases where the domestic violence allegations were entirely true, and he has handled cases where the allegations were entirely false. As a former New York public defender, he understands how these allegations are handled criminally as well as their impact on family law cases.

When clients come to him after being abused, he doesn't assume getting a protective order is good enough. He helps them get an order of protection, but he also educates them about the realistic steps they can take to protect themselves and their children effectively. That includes practical advice such as when to call the police and how to make a workable escape plan, if necessary.

When clients claim to be falsely accused of abuse, Mr. Gaba has the resources and experience to evaluate the situation realistically -- and he knows how such allegations can be proven false. This is crucial because false allegations can have real consequences. A finding that you're an abuser could result in a kick-out order, meaning you won't be able to live at home. You could even be ordered to stay away from your kids.

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