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Hidden benefit for Dads adjusting to child custody

The end of a marriage brings about a great deal of changes for parents of shared children. Coming to terms with a new child custody structure can be difficult for everyone. Dads in particular can struggle with having their children in their sole care during visitation time. While not all family structures follow this pattern, it is still the norm in American society for mothers to dominate the decision-making process when it comes to how children are raised. When that influence is no longer present in a Maryland household, fathers can sometimes have difficulty adjusting.

While every family is unique, but in many cases, it is the mother who is tasked with making most of the decisions about how her children will be raised. When it comes to feeding, sleeping and discipline, moms tend to set the rules, and dads play an important role in supporting and enforcing the status quo. Once the family structure has shifted, however, Dads can feel at a loss as to how to create their own set of rules and practices.

This is truly an opportunity for fathers; a chance to create a household that reflects their own unique set of morals, standards and parenting style. Of course, both parents should work to ensure a degree of continuity when it comes to big ticket items such as studying and bedtimes. However, fathers have a great deal of flexibility in creating their own parenting environment.

For many, being set free from the rules of the combined household can lead to a far richer experience as a parent. Dads in Maryland should embrace this chance to build a home life with their kids that is something new and unique, where parent and child can learn to relate to one another in new and meaningful ways. Child custody changes are often difficult for fathers, especially those who lose a great deal of time with their children. By structuring a new way to interact with kids, the outcome can be beneficial to everyone.

Source: The Washington Post, "One upside to the divorce I didn't want: Freedom to parent without the mom rules", Jim Sollisch, Jan. 9, 2015

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