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Adjusting to child custody changes

When a Maryland couple who share children go through a divorce, the division of parenting responsibilities plays a central role in that process. The focus is on achieving a child custody outcome that serves the best interests of the children involved, and one which both parents can live with. Because this is such an important issue within a divorce, many couples spend considerable time and effort reaching an agreement that works for the needs of all involved.

Once the divorce has been made final, parents must go through a period of adjustment, as they settle into their new roles as single parents. One way to ease stress and tension for all involved is to work out a routine for achieving a smooth transition for children to move from one household to the other. Creating a routine will allow kids to feel comfortable about shifting between the homes of both parents, and lets them know what to expect when it comes time to leave or return.

Another way to make this time easier for kids is to remain flexible when it comes to the established custody schedule. Parents should make an effort to stick to the agreed-upon schedule, but must also be willing to bend when needed. For example, kids should not have to miss important school events or social opportunities because it is not their "night" with a given parent. Be willing to adapt to the needs of the other parent's schedule as well, and expect that this kindness will be returned when one needs to ask for an alteration for their own benefit.

Parents who are able to work together to establish routines and implement the right level of flexibility can expect a better outcome for their shared children. While the months following a divorce and child custody change can be challenging for everyone involved, it is possible to achieve an outcome that is positive. That is a goal worth working toward, for Maryland parents and children alike.

Source: The Huffington Post, "7 Habits Of Highly Effective Single Moms", Terry Gaspard, Sept. 29, 2014

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