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October 2014 Archives

Tactics when only one spouse wants a divorce

Ending a marriage is difficult, even when divorce is clearly the best possible choice for all involved. Unfortunately, in many cases, only one spouse can recognize that it is time to call it quits. This can make a difficult scenario even more challenging, as the other spouse often wants to resist ending the marriage. The following tips are offered in the hopes of helping Maryland spouses move through the early stages of divorce with a resistant partner.

Halle Berry to ask court for child support reduction

It is not uncommon for a Maryland parent who is tasked with making child support payments to feel as if the level of that financial obligation is too high. This belief is not always supported by fact, and many parents who go through divorce are not really aware of the true cost of raising a child, which can make payments appear excessive. There are cases, however, in which a child support agreement or court order results in payments that are not only more than what is necessary to support the care of one or more children, but which also create financial difficulties for the parent who is asked to make the payments.

Adjusting to child custody changes

When a Maryland couple who share children go through a divorce, the division of parenting responsibilities plays a central role in that process. The focus is on achieving a child custody outcome that serves the best interests of the children involved, and one which both parents can live with. Because this is such an important issue within a divorce, many couples spend considerable time and effort reaching an agreement that works for the needs of all involved.

Understanding cash flow needs during divorce

When a Maryland spouse is considering ending his or her marriage, there are a number of financial considerations that must be given the proper level of attention. Chief among these is understanding how one's cash flow needs will change after the divorce is made final. Knowing how much income will be required to make ends meet is the first step in structuring a favorable property division settlement.

Moving through divorce with grace in the technological age

For many of us, the end of a marriage brings out the very worst in our personalities. Anger, resentment hurt and bitterness are an ugly cocktail, and it is the rare Maryland spouse who gets through divorce without at least a few lapses in judgement when it comes to how we portray our spouse or the details of the divorce to others. Unfortunately, technology has made it all-too-easy to spread far wider than we may have intended.

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