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Deciding when to file for a Maryland divorce

When a marriage is going through a period of difficulty, it can be hard to know when to work through the matters at hand and when to throw in the towel. Couples in Maryland and elsewhere have a wide range of normal ups and downs, and experiencing a change in the tone of the marriage is not always an indicator of a failed relationship. However, there are circumstances that suggest that the damage that has been done is irreparable, and under which spouses should begin considering whether divorce is the best possible choice.

One indication that divorce is on the horizon is when spouses have very little interest in spending time together. While it is normal to have one’s own hobbies and interests, spouses should want to share the majority of their time with their partner. Once a couple begins to live lives that are largely segregated from each other, it may be time to think about ending the marriage. Even couples who have been together for many decades still enjoy spending time together if the marriage is a happy one.

Another warning sign involves a constant level of disagreement. Here again, arguing from time to time is perfectly normal, but when bickering becomes the status quo between spouses, there could be a much deeper problem at hand. Spouses who find that they are more often at odds with their partner than they are in harmony may be happier on their own than stuck within a highly contentious marriage.

For those in Maryland who feel that their marriage is no longer sustainable, it is important to research the divorce process before making a decision on how to move forward. Understanding the legal ramifications of various divorce options can make the process far easier to manage, and can give spouses the ability to make savvy decisions throughout the negotiation phase of a divorce. The end of a marriage is one of the most significant events that can occur within an individual’s life, and spouses should be fully informed of the process before filing.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Is It Time to Get a Divorce?", Honoree Corder, June 17, 2014

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