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July 2014 Archives

Sleep issues can accompany decision to divorce

For many Maryland residents, the end of a marriage marks the beginning of sleep troubles. The stress and anxieties that accompany divorce can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being, and problems with sleep are among the most common maladies suffered by divorcing spouses. It is important that spouses take care to get sufficient sleep, which not only makes it easier to deal with the issues surrounding their divorce but can also stave off serious health problems.

Spousal benefits extend far after Maryland divorce becomes final

Most benefits of marriage cease when a Maryland couple goes through a divorce. Whatever level of companionship was in place within the relationship is now gone, and each individual moves forward in the life that they design. However, there may be one positive aspect of marriage that lasts long after the ink has dried on one’s divorce agreement.

How to reach a favorable Maryland divorce resolution

When entering into the process of divorce, many Maryland residents fear that they are not adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. In some regard, this can be true. There are a number of mistakes that are made as spouses move through divorce, many of which can be easily avoided with the right degree of attention and effort. The following information is provided in the hopes of giving spouses the tools they need to make the best possible decisions as they move from married to single.

Delay ordered until father returns in Navy child custody case

Military parents in Maryland and elsewhere can face unusual challenges to their parental rights. For these moms and dads, it is especially important to mount an aggressive defense of their child custody rights, and to take every possible step to protect the best interest of their children. Many politicians across the country have taken up this cause, and feel strongly that serving one’s country should not be used as grounds to remove a servicemember’s child from his or her care.

Deciding when to file for a Maryland divorce

When a marriage is going through a period of difficulty, it can be hard to know when to work through the matters at hand and when to throw in the towel. Couples in Maryland and elsewhere have a wide range of normal ups and downs, and experiencing a change in the tone of the marriage is not always an indicator of a failed relationship. However, there are circumstances that suggest that the damage that has been done is irreparable, and under which spouses should begin considering whether divorce is the best possible choice.

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