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How to ensure that divorce does not derail one's career

For those in Maryland who are going through a divorce, there is a high likelihood that the stress and tensions surrounding that process will overflow into other areas of one’s life. Decreased job performance is one of the most common negative impacts associated with divorce, and is an issue that deserves attention. For those who are not careful, it is possible to lose ground at work, just as one is taking positive steps forward in their personal lives.

One of the best ways to preserve one’s standing within the workplace is to avoid discussing divorce issues while on the clock. Co-workers often have no interest in hearing the ins and outs of one’s divorce proceeding, and are made uncomfortable by discussions about one’s personal life. By remaining focused on work-related issues and tasks, a divorcing spouse can ensure that his or her job performance is not negatively impacted.

In addition, creating and honoring a strict division between one’s personal life and work environment gives a divorcing spouse a time and space that is free of the stressors related to the end of a marriage. Divorce requires a great deal of one’s time, energy and attention, and taking a break from those tasks is a healthy practice. By focusing on each issue in its own time and space, spouses can achieve better results on both fronts.

Perhaps the most important tip for preserving one’s career path during a divorce is to remember that divorce is a process, one with a distinct beginning, middle and end. No matter how challenging that process may seem, it is a temporary experience. One’s career, on the other hand, is a long-term matter, and should be protected from harm during the course of a Maryland divorce.

Source:, "Divorce can be a career limiting event if you aren't careful", Lee E. Miller, June 15, 2014

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