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June 2014 Archives

How to ensure that divorce does not derail one's career

For those in Maryland who are going through a divorce, there is a high likelihood that the stress and tensions surrounding that process will overflow into other areas of one’s life. Decreased job performance is one of the most common negative impacts associated with divorce, and is an issue that deserves attention. For those who are not careful, it is possible to lose ground at work, just as one is taking positive steps forward in their personal lives.

Technology helps some hide assets within a divorce

The advancement of technology has touched virtually every aspect of our lives, from the ways that we communicate to the manner in which we learn about the world around us. Unfortunately, there are many negative applications that technology makes possible, including some that can have a significant impact on a Maryland divorce. Many spouses suspect that their husband or wife may be attempting to hide assets during a divorce, and it is important to understand the role that technology can play in doing so.

Divorce hits a speed bump due to service issue

Some Maryland readers will remember the media coverage of Scott Rothstein and his involvement in a large-scale Ponzi scheme. Rothstein admitted guilt in the $1.4 billion swindle, and is now in the early stages of a 50-year federal prison sentence. His wife, Kim Rothstein, has filed for divorce, but has encountered difficulties in serving her husband with divorce papers.

How timing plays into the decision to divorce

When a Maryland spouse is considering filing for divorce, any number of factors can influence the timing of that move. In some cases, there are advantages or disadvantages associated with the timing of a divorce. For most, however, the best time to file is soon after it becomes clear that the relationship is simply not tenable.

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