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May 2014 Archives

Child custody dispute centers on adoption timing

Maryland readers may be interested in an unusual child custody case playing out between an adoptive couple and a biological father. The case has raised a number of important questions about parental rights in relation to adoption. Unfortunately, both sides have suffered a great deal as the legal aspects of the child custody case have moved forward, and a great deal of disruption and stress has been placed upon the nine-year-old girl caught in the middle. This may be a case in which there is no clear “winner,” and where one family is sure to feel the heart wrenching loss of a child.

Waging war against no-fault divorce

When a Maryland marriage has passed the point of no return, spouses can at least be assured that they can move beyond the relationship with relative ease. However, there is a current movement aimed at placing obstacles in the path of a couple seeking divorce, and one of the cornerstones of this social shift is the elimination of no-fault divorce. Should this movement gain ground, spouses in Maryland and elsewhere could find it more difficult to go their separate ways.

Tax ramifications of various property division options

When a Maryland family has amassed a high level of wealth, the process of dividing marital assets within a divorce can be complicated. In addition to ensuring that the division of property is fair, spouses must also consider the tax ramifications of various property division outcomes. This is especially true in cases in which investment properties are owned.

For fathers, child custody dispute can center on paternity

When a couple chooses to conceive a child, both parents normally assume equal rights and responsibilities related to their son or daughter. In some cases, however, the issue becomes clouded for a variety of reasons. Many Maryland families are constructed in a non-traditional manner, which can lead to legal difficulties if the couple decides to end their relationship. An example is found in the child custody dispute between actor Jason Patric and his former girlfriend.

Could "cooling-off" requirement lower divorce rate?

Maryland readers will be familiar with the nationwide debate concerning the recent legislative push to make it more difficult for couples to obtain a divorce. States across the nation have implemented a range of laws aimed at supporting marriage by placing legal roadblocks to divorce. In reality, however, these measures would be more aptly considered mere speed bumps for those spouses who are committed to the idea of ending their marriage.

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