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April 2014 Archives

Domestic violence can become an issue for anyone

Many in Maryland believe that their own relationship is immune from any act of violence or abuse. This can make it difficult to accept that the person one loves is capable of causing them harm. In some cases, victims of domestic violence allow themselves to be harmed a number of times before seeking help, often because they cannot see that such actions are not isolated events, but are a pattern of behavior that usually does not end without intervention.

The post-divorce return to work: Common concerns

The end of a Maryland marriage brings about a great many changes in the lives of all involved. For some parents who have made the choice to stay at home to raise their children, one of those changes may be an imminent return to work. Contemplating reentry into the workforce can bring about a heightened stress level during an already challenging time. Spouses should make an effort to alter the way that they think about this change, and focus on the positive aspects of heading back to work after their divorce.

Protect your financial standing during a Maryland divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, the most important thing that a Maryland spouse can do is take the steps necessary to protect their financial interests. In many cases, these actions can be completed, or at least begun, in the months leading up to filing. For those who are willing to take a proactive stance in regard to looking after their own financial interests, the likelihood obtaining a positive financial resolution within the divorce is strong.

Child custody dispute begins before child is born

Many Maryland readers have gone through difficult custody struggles after a marriage or relationship ends. However, one recent child custody dispute is unique because it focuses on the extent of parental rights that are available before the child is even born. The case has received widespread media attention, and the ruling is being touted as a victory for women's rights.

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