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March 2014 Archives

Does living together lead to a higher rate of divorce?

There are a great many beliefs that are strongly held within American society, and many of us carry these ideas with us throughout the course of our lives, shaping our decisions around what we believe to be true. In regard to social science, many of these beliefs are supported by research, which lends an air of authenticity to what many in Maryland already hold as conventional wisdom. The idea that living together before marriage will increase the risk of divorce is one such belief.

Drafting a detailed and balanced child support order

For many unmarried parents in the state of Maryland, the end of their relationship brings on a wide range of legal concerns. Chief among these is the breakdown of the care and custody of their shared children. Reaching a child support agreement is one of the most pressing needs that a couple will face as the parties go their separate ways. It is imperative to ensure that the agreement is carefully considered and adequately detailed, in order to avoid challenge in the years to come.

Physics may offer child custody and visitation help

For many Maryland parents who divorce, maintaining a close bond with their kids is a top priority. In many cases, parents have children from more than one relationship, which can make visitation scheduling more complicated. Once those parents move on to new relationships, even more children and different child custody arrangements can factor in, making scheduling concerns overwhelming. Achieving a solution in which a parent can have his or her own children as well as those of their new partner in one weekend can seem an unattainable goal.

Don't let Facebook derail your divorce

Social media has given us the ability to reach out to friends, family and even complete strangers in ways that were previously unimaginable. With nothing more than an Internet connection and a few keystrokes, Maryland residents can share their photos, thoughts and opinions with the virtual world. While these advancements have been largely positive, there are also drawbacks to social media, especially for people going through divorce.

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