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February 2014 Archives

Could divorce actually improve your credit score?

The end of a Maryland marriage will have an impact on the financial standing of both spouses. The process of dividing marital assets and debt, structuring child support and/or alimony and obtaining new insurance policies will all come into play. While there can be no doubt that each party will have to adjust to a new financial structure, not all of these changes will be negative. In fact, some spouses will enjoy improved credit scores in the months and years following a divorce.

During divorce, take steps to protect credit

Each and every divorce is unique, and is structured around the life built by the couple who is ending their marriage. One aspect of divorce that is important for all Maryland couples, however, involves the manner in which assets are divided. Property division can be a challenge for many, especially when spouses do not see eye-to-eye on how to share the marital wealth that has amassed during their union.

Divorce issues surrounding tax season

For many Maryland spouses, the only thing less anticipated than the divorce process is the annual tax season. When the two processes combine, individuals who are going through a divorce have a challenge ahead. Tax returns filed while a couple is separated, as well as the first return for the year of a divorce, present unusual scenarios in which one's tax return is often very different from the years prior to this significant life event. Knowing how to maximize one's deductions can make a world of difference in the bottom line.

Is divorce affected by the economy?

As was the case in most of the country, the Maryland divorce rate has been affected by the downturn in the economy. It may seem simplistic to connect the two, but a new study shows that as the economy improves, divorce cases increase. The two are related for many reasons, but mainly because divorce can be costly for most couples.

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