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Turn financial threats into a divorce advantage

When a Maryland marriage goes sour, many spouses dread filing for divorce. Anticipating that their spouse will react in an angry or aggressive manner, many people put off filing for months or even years after it has become clear that the marriage cannot be saved. When the divorce process is initiated, an angry or embittered spouse can begin lobbing financial threats, which can make an already stressful situation even worse. A savvy spouse, however, can turn these types of threats to his or her advantage.

One way to do so is to carefully record the details of each threatening statement made in regard to the financial aspects of the divorce. Give these details to your divorce attorney, who can use the information to structure the negotiations to come. In addition, having the statements in writing can help a spouse and his or her legal team determine which of the threats are valid concerns and which are simply ranting.

In addition, is it important for spouses to avoid being dragged into interactions with their soon-to-be ex or to engage in issuing similar threats. In some cases, engaging in heated exchanges can throw gasoline on an already burning fire, and can make matter worse. In addition, should the matter every reach court, a spouse who has returned fire with his or her own angry rants has ceded the high ground, and will gain no sympathy from a judge.

The best way to handle an aggressive spouse is to refuse to participate in his or her ranting episodes. This can be accomplished by limiting contact to email, or by referring the matter to the Maryland divorce attorneys involved. Careful documentation can also be of help, and can give your attorney a wealth of information about your spouse's intentions within the divorce process. By remaining calm and in control of your emotions, it is possible to turn financial threats to your advantage.

Source: Forbes, How To Cope With Your Husband's Financial Threats During Divorce, Jeff Landers, Jan. 8, 2014

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