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Family is not always on your side during a divorce

Most people in Maryland who are divorced are likely aware that the end of a marriage changes a lot of relationships. It not only changes the spouses' relationship with each other, but it affects relationships with their children, extended family and friends. Many assume that their own parents will take their side when it comes to divorce, but in many cases, parents will continue to support their child's spouse. This often happens when their child is the one who wanted the divorce or is thought to be responsible for the marriage falling apart.

When parents continue to support their son or daughter-in-law, it is often because of the grandchildren or because they had a close relationship to their child's spouse. While this may cause tension between the parents and their own child, it is usually better for the grandchildren to see their grandparents being supportive of both spouses. It is easy to take things personally when going through a divorce, but the situation is hard on the couple's parents, too, and they are often the most concerned about their grandchildren.

There are things the couple can do to ease the tension with extended family and help everyone adjust to the divorce. Communicating openly with parents and other loved ones is critical. Opting for mediation instead of a court proceeding may help reduce the stress of the divorce on everyone. In addition, asking family members not to share any news they hear about the former spouse may be helpful.

Tension is inevitable when Maryland couples divorce. It often complicates relationships with family and friends, which can only exacerbate an already difficult situation. Spouses may find it beneficial to consult with a third party who can offer objective advice and help to end the marriage as amicably as possible.

Source:, Parents Don't Always Choose Your Side After the Split; 5 Ways to Cope, Mary Jo Rapini, Jan. 23, 2014

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