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January 2014 Archives

Ruling affects same-sex couples and sperm donation

For many in Maryland, the path to parenthood is long and winding, and may deviate from what is considered to be the American "norm." Same-sex couples are often among those who seek to expand their families through non-traditional means, as the biological requirements of creating new life lead to a need to seek an alternate path to parenthood. For many, egg or sperm donation, or even both combined with the services of a surrogate, are the best means of reaching the goal of becoming parents.

Family is not always on your side during a divorce

Most people in Maryland who are divorced are likely aware that the end of a marriage changes a lot of relationships. It not only changes the spouses' relationship with each other, but it affects relationships with their children, extended family and friends. Many assume that their own parents will take their side when it comes to divorce, but in many cases, parents will continue to support their child's spouse. This often happens when their child is the one who wanted the divorce or is thought to be responsible for the marriage falling apart.

How mediation can assist Jewish spouses who divorce

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal issues, and Maryland attorneys who practice this type of law see all kinds of different cases that result from the basic issues of divorce, child custody and the financial support of a child. Cases can differ based upon the circumstances of the individuals involved, including their cultural or religious beliefs and practices. For some Jewish families, religious approached to divorce can greatly influence the process of dividing a family.

Turn financial threats into a divorce advantage

When a Maryland marriage goes sour, many spouses dread filing for divorce. Anticipating that their spouse will react in an angry or aggressive manner, many people put off filing for months or even years after it has become clear that the marriage cannot be saved. When the divorce process is initiated, an angry or embittered spouse can begin lobbing financial threats, which can make an already stressful situation even worse. A savvy spouse, however, can turn these types of threats to his or her advantage.

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