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Should a Maryland divorce with kids be done during holidays?

For many Maryland couples seeking a divorce during the holidays, it is often avoided like the plague. The feeling of not wanting to disrupt holiday festivities, or letting children know the marriage is over during holiday time, can make many avoid the situation altogether. When divorce is imminent, it should typically be done as soon as possible. Putting serious issues off during the holidays doesn't make them go away, and there are ways couples use to get through the holidays with children while going through a divorce.

When a couple decides to divorce, holidays are usually switched off between parents. If a child is with the other parent during the holiday, it can be a good idea to choose to have the holiday celebrations either earlier or later than the actual date. As long as the children are there, holidays will still be holidays -- even if they are not on the actual day.

On the holidays when the child is with the other parent, it may be a good idea to assure the children that things will be okay. Parents may wish to avoid showing feelings of sadness. If the children get any feelings that the other parent is sad on the holidays, it could be upsetting and have the ability to make them feel guilty for the other parent.

When the children are with either parent on any holiday, they may be somewhat emotional and appear to want the other parent. Remember that it isn't necessarily because they don't want to be where they are, and it may help to give them the comfort they need. Holidays will likely be split for the remainder of their childhood, and they will grow accustomed to having holidays split, and even learn to enjoy them.

If a Maryland couple decides that divorce is their best option, they may wish to act quickly to begin the process. Issues surrounding a divorce with children may seem stressful at first, but with proper handling and respect for the situation, it may come easier than one thinks. The holidays don't have to be an overly stressful time, provided that parents work together in the interests of their children. In cases where they can't agree, a family law judge may be able to assist.

Source: Huffington Post, Coping with divorce at Thanksgiving, Jackie Pilossoph, Nov. 26, 2013

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