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December 2013 Archives

Actor facing domestic violence charges after argument

Maryland soap opera fans may be familiar with the work of Aiden Turner, the actor who plays Aiden Devane on the show "All My Children." Turner was recently the subject of far less flattering attention, however, when he was arrested for domestic violence. He is now facing four misdemeanor charges after an argument with his girlfriend escalated into a physical confrontation.

Parents fight the state in a heated child custody dispute

Maryland parents are likely to find the following case disturbing. Imagine your teenage daughter experiencing a range of serious medical issues for over a year. A specialist has been treating her with some success, and has diagnosed her as having a rare set of genetic disorders. One night, after she begins suffering from severe symptoms, you rush her to an emergency room; the specialist who has been treating her suggests that you take her to a different hospital than the one where she has been seen, due to the fact that her gastroenterologist recently moved there. Just days later, the state moves in, claiming that you are abusing your own daughter, and a long and terrible child custody dispute begins.

Could your ex inherit your benefits even after a divorce?

For most Maryland spouses, the end of their marriage marks the definitive end of the bonds that connected them to their former husband or wife. While this is true in many regards, there are circumstances in which a former spouse could reap the same benefits upon one's death as was the case before a divorce. In order to avoid passing along death benefits or an inheritance to a former husband or wife, a measure of paperwork diligence is required.

Questions to ask during a Maryland divorce

When it comes to divorce, the more information one has, the better off one will probably be. Indeed, the process of going through a divorce in Maryland can be overwhelming, daunting and even frightening. This is why it is so important to ask good questions before beginning the process. Knowledge is power in life, and divorce is no different.

Should a Maryland divorce with kids be done during holidays?

For many Maryland couples seeking a divorce during the holidays, it is often avoided like the plague. The feeling of not wanting to disrupt holiday festivities, or letting children know the marriage is over during holiday time, can make many avoid the situation altogether. When divorce is imminent, it should typically be done as soon as possible. Putting serious issues off during the holidays doesn't make them go away, and there are ways couples use to get through the holidays with children while going through a divorce.

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