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How to control the cost of a Maryland divorce

For those in Maryland who are considering filing for divorce, one of the most important considerations is often the ultimate cost involved in moving from married to single. While there can be no doubt that there are expenses related to divorce, in most cases couples can exert a measure of control over those costs, and can work to keep them at a manageable level. Doing so can lead to a far better outcome for all involved.

One way to limit divorce expenses is to make a wise decision when selecting an attorney. There is no need to seek out the most expensive lawyer in the area, or the one with a reputation of being the most combative. Gone are the days when a family court judge would issue decisions intended to "punish" one spouse in favor of another. In these times of no-fault divorce, there is little to be gained by taking an overly aggressive stance.

Furthermore, fighting over every little detail within a divorce is one of the fastest ways to rack up serious legal fees. In general, couples who are able to maintain a level of civil and cooperative communication are able to achieve significant savings over those who are highly combative. If it seems difficult to work together to iron out divorce matters, try to keep the communication at a minimum, and focused on the specific matters at hand.

The attorney one chooses to handle a Maryland divorce will have a great deal of impact on the way that the process moves forward. By selecting an attorney who shares one's approach toward divorce, it is possible to devise a strategy that will result in a favorable outcome while saving on legal fees. In the end, the less spent on ending the marriage means that both parties will have more wealth to put to use in constructing their newly single lives.

Source: YourTango, Divorce Coach: How To Achieve Financial Freedom After Divorce, Stuart Fensterheim, Oct. 22, 2013

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