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When is it time to file for a Maryland divorce?

When marital troubles arise, it is the rare spouse who never considers what life would be like had they remained single. While these thoughts are completely normal, there are a range of more serious concerns that may suggest that one's marriage is headed for divorce. For many in Maryland, it is difficult to know when marital strife has crossed the line from a normal bump in the road to something more serious, and when divorce should be given consideration. Often, the end of a marriage is not marked by one significant event, but is the accumulation of a range of less obvious markers.

One issue that often portends the end of a marriage is when the same things that once drew a spouse to his or her partner now serve as a near constant source of irritation. In the early stages of a relationship, differences between partners can be a source of attraction. However, in the long run, fundamental differences in the way that each partner looks at the world can prove to be serious stressors, and can lead to the need to file for divorce.

Another indication that divorce may be on the horizon is when the relationship begins to lead to unhappiness more than any other emotional state. When one or both spouses are unhappy more often than not, there is a need to make an adjustment. While there is a certain range of up and down that is to be expected, couples should be happy and stable the majority of the time.

When a Maryland couple determines that their marriage is simply not working, it is important to understand that divorce does not always involve an embittered fight and the loss of significant family assets. It is possible to process a divorce in a manner that is collaborative and cooperative. Doing so can help preserve as much marital wealth as possible, and can lower the stress levels of all involved as they move forward to a happier future.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce Advice: 5 Signs It's Time To Move On, Jennifer Oikle, Sep. 23, 2013

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