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October 2013 Archives

Positive benefits of divorce for Maryland couples

Some statistics indicate that as many as 45 percent of first marriages will end in divorce. Despite this high number, there continues to be somewhat of a stigma associated with a marriage ending in divorce. Some people, however, fail to see that there are many benefits to ending a marriage, as opposed to staying in an unhappy one, for couples in Maryland and across the country.

Collaboration trumps divorce litigation for most Maryland couples

In decades past, divorce followed a predictable course. Virtually every case was litigated, and distinct lines were drawn between parties from the very outset. This often led to a far more contentious process than was necessary, and certainly did not offer a good fit for every couple who decided to move past a Maryland marriage that was simply not working. Today, however, there are far more options available for handling divorce issues, and the process can be tailored to suit any given couple.

Separation vs. divorce: Which option is best?

When a Maryland couple is experiencing serious marital problems, it is often clear that action must be taken. However, what path to embark upon is a far more difficult choice to make. Many couples waver between pursuing separation or divorce, and are often unaware that there are different potential consequences for each choice. For some, a prolonged separation can be financially devastating, and should be avoided.

When is it time to file for a Maryland divorce?

When marital troubles arise, it is the rare spouse who never considers what life would be like had they remained single. While these thoughts are completely normal, there are a range of more serious concerns that may suggest that one's marriage is headed for divorce. For many in Maryland, it is difficult to know when marital strife has crossed the line from a normal bump in the road to something more serious, and when divorce should be given consideration. Often, the end of a marriage is not marked by one significant event, but is the accumulation of a range of less obvious markers.

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