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Divorce issues among older couples in Maryland

The divorce statistics regarding couples over the age of 50 show a marked upward trend in the decision to end marriages as retirement approaches or begins. While each couple is as unique as the individuals themselves, there are a number of factors that lead older Maryland residents to move beyond a marriage that is simply not working. The following divorce issues may give some insight into the reasoning behind this social phenomenon.

One factor that leads many older Americans to consider divorce is simply a loss of connection. Often, a couple who has been together for many years will experience a sense of distance between themselves and their partner. While many couples acknowledge this shift and make efforts to reconnect with their spouse, many others find that the division is simply not reparable, and move to end the union.

Another issue involves the realization that life is finite, and that the bulk of one's years are now behind them. This sense of one's own mortality can lead to the desire to make the most of the time one has left. In some cases, that means ending an unfulfilling marriage and moving on to find a new path toward happiness.

Regardless of the reasons behind an older couple's decision to file for divorce, the fact remains that older Maryland residents have a specific set of divorce issues that must be addressed during the process. For example a careful approach toward property division is essential, as older spouses have fewer years within the workplace in which to make up for any significant financial loss. Spouses who are considering a late life divorce should make every effort to complete the divorce process with a careful eye toward their future financial security.

Source: Huffington Post, Marriage Problems That Lead To Divorce After Decades, Laura Seldon, Sep. 9, 2013

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