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September 2013 Archives

Child custody can be difficult battle for grandparents

Maryland families are all unique, and each shifts and adapts to meet the needs of its members; this is especially true when young children are in need of special accommodations. There are a multitude of scenarios that can lead to children moving into the care of family members other than their parents. In many cases, grandparents step up to care for their grandchildren when the going gets rough; in most instances, these arrangements serve to meet a temporary need. However, there are cases in which grandparents decide to seek child custody rights over their grandchildren, which can lead to a very specific set of legal needs.

Divorce issues among older couples in Maryland

The divorce statistics regarding couples over the age of 50 show a marked upward trend in the decision to end marriages as retirement approaches or begins. While each couple is as unique as the individuals themselves, there are a number of factors that lead older Maryland residents to move beyond a marriage that is simply not working. The following divorce issues may give some insight into the reasoning behind this social phenomenon.

What questions to ask your divorce attorney

Once a Maryland resident has made the decision to file for divorce, a series of decisions will follow. For many, the process can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. One's divorce attorney is a valuable source of information and advice during this challenging time. Being able to effectively tap into that resource, however, often depends on being prepared to ask important questions at the beginning of the process.

The importance of planning and preparation before a divorce

Some marriages reach a point where a divorce seems to be inevitable. The decision to file for divorce can be an extremely emotional time for some Maryland spouses. Making this decision can be a challenge due to the multiple financial and emotional issues involved. A recent article stresses the importance of spouses planning ahead and being as prepared as possible for a divorce and the life that will follow.

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