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August 2013 Archives

Maryland residents: where will you live after a divorce?

Maryland residents going through a divorce may be able to relate to a recent article that discusses the number of men that live alone after divorce and why. While the process itself can be emotional, people don't always think of what is next. When moving forward with divorce proceedings, having a plan can prove beneficial.

Many in Maryland fear the cost of a divorce

For many Maryland spouses, there is little doubt that the end of their marriage has arrived. In some cases, this realization comes after years of trying to work through difficulties and make a wide range of compromises. However, making the decision to file can still be a challenge, largely based on worries about the ultimate cost of the process of filing for and completing a divorce.

Divorce less common among highly educated women

A recent study suggests that Maryland women who hold a college degree or higher are less likely to divorce than women with a lower level of education. This conclusion was based on data from the National Marriage Project, which was conducted by a major university. The findings show that while divorce rates have risen for most socioeconomic groups over the past 40 years, the rate of divorce among highly educated couples has decreased.

Recovering from a Maryland divorce: What's really involved?

Assuming that the legal proceedings have left the newly-divorced individual in a stable and secure financial situation -- what's next? Maryland divorcees -- and divorcees anywhere -- may be facing emotional issues that require adjusting to. The basic question for many newly-separated individuals is: After the divorce, how do you rebuild your life?

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