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July 2013 Archives

The dog days of divorce: Maryland pet custody issues

For some Maryland couples, the majority of divorce negotiations will center around the division of marital property. The manner in which assets are divided is of great import, and the eventual outcome can have serious ramifications for years to come. However, other spouses focus on divorce matters that lie closer to the heart, such as the future care and custody of their beloved pets.

Lending option available for divorce financing

For many Maryland women, the prospect of filing for divorce is worrisome. There are a great many uncertainties regarding the process and its eventual outcome, and many women postpone filing due to fears of financial turmoil during the period between filing and settlement. In many cases, angry spouses act to limit their partner's access to marital funds once a divorce is filed, which can seriously hamper their ability to litigate the matter properly.

Child custody dispute over poppy seed bagel drug test settled

In Maryland and across the country, most child custody cases revolve around divorces and deciding which parent should be responsible for raising the children most of the time, or in deciding whether a shared parenting plan may be beneficial. Sometimes, however, a child custody dispute can involve the parents pitted against a local governmental agency. This proved to be the case for a couple in another state who lost custody of their newborn child temporarily soon after her birth.

Steps Maryland spouses can take to help with divorce issues

Common divorce issues for Maryland couples choosing to end their marriages run the gamut from child custody to property division to child support and alimony. These divorce issues can become contentious for some couples; especially when large sums of money and other marital assets are involved. This can be particularly true whenever one of the spouses in a divorce case is known to have a bullying personality. With that being said, however, there are steps that the less aggressive spouse may be able to take to help protect their financial interests during property division.

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