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May 2013 Archives

Ocean City, Maryland town manager accused of spousal abuse

Allegations of domestic violence and spousal abuse are typically taken very seriously by Maryland authorities. In some circumstances, Maryland residents who feel they have suffered from spousal abuse choose to file for protective orders in a civil court of law. This can help them gain an extra layer of protection in situations where they feel like they may be in physical danger from a spouse who is not able to control their emotions during a time of upheaval. That can be particularly the case when a couple seems to be undergoing marital problems.

Maryland family law matters: Prenuptial agreements good idea?

With more and more Americans living a greater number of years, divorce and remarriages are becoming an increasing phenomenon. It is no surprise, then, that Maryland residents who find themselves contemplating remarriages are also considering steps that they can take to protect the number of assets they have accumulated over the years. Family law matters like these can be critical for those who have more assets by virtue of having lived longer than the stereotypical starry-eyed newlyweds.

Maryland family law matters: Cohabitation agreements a good idea

Unmarried couples in Maryland often find the prospect of dividing up their financial and personal assets after a breakup a difficult situation. Family law matters such as property division are often more straightforward for a married couple, since in the event that they can't work out issues between them, a family court judge will often step in to cast the deciding vote. However, couples who do not wish to marry can take steps to protect themselves in the event that a breakup does occur in the future.

Will an ex be liable for business credit cards after divorce?

Maryland residents who have ever gone through a divorce know that sorting out financial issues can be a complex process. Those who are considering a divorce may wish to consider some of these potential pitfalls ahead of time. One consideration is whether a spouse's business credit card debt could have any affect on a soon-to-be ex's own credit rating. One woman who wrote in to a well-known media outlet wanted to know if her credit rating could take a hit in the event that the husband she was divorcing failed to pay his business credit card bills on time.

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