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Maryland family law matters: Tips for older divorcing Americans

We've discussed the growing trend in 'gray' divorce previously ('Divorce rates increasing among baby boomer population,' May 19, 2012), but focused on potential reasons behind the increase. The considerations for older Maryland couples who divorce can be different than those for younger couples due to factors such as increased marital assets and children being grown and out of the home. One recent report goes a step further than simply discussing why older people are divorcing more often and presents tips that baby boomers can consider when going through family law matters such as divorcing at a later stage in life.

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is that of making financial preparations ahead of time. Divorce can lead to costs such as legal fees and establishing two separate households rather than one. Saving up ahead of time may very well ease the monetary strain that may arise later. Women anticipating a divorce may want to make a special effort to save, since statistics show that divorce can lead to them suffering as much as a 45 percent decrease in their typical lifestyle.

Another precaution is consulting with a financial planning expert at the earliest opportunity. This can help a divorcing spouse make informed decisions about dividing stock and bond investments along with IRA accounts and who should get the house-or whether it would be better to sell. It can also help to consult with an expert on retirement planning and Social Security requirements, since SS benefits often come into play even after divorce if a couple was married longer than 10 years.

Also, baby boomers going through family law matters like divorce may want to be wary when it comes to using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Some Maryland residents may be surprised to find out that posts from these websites are becoming a part of family law cases more and more often. They can document things such as marital infidelity and instances of neglecting one's spouse. Older Americans who have a clearer understanding of how issues like this can affect an upcoming divorce filing may be able to make solid plans for the future, leaving themselves in a better position once a divorce possibility becomes reality.

Source:, "Tips for baby boomers seeking divorce," April 4, 2013

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