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April 2013 Archives

Kim Kardashian divorce from Kris Humphries final at last

It took significantly longer than the actual marriage lasted, but the divorce between reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries has been finalized at last. The divorce case took just under 18 months to be finalized. This seems like a startling length of time when compared with the fact that their marriage itself only lasted a brief 72 days. Maryland fans who may have been following along with the case may have found themselves wondering if the divorce was ever actually going to happen.

Child custody dispute may interest Maryland parents

Maryland parents know just how challenging child custody disputes can be. An interesting child custody case in another state reveals the fine line that judges and parents must walk when negotiating what arrangements may be in the best interests of a child. The child custody dispute seemed to center around a woman's desire to limit her children's exposure to certain religious beliefs of her husband that suggested a woman should defer to her husband in certain matters. The judge made some comments that could be construed as agreeing with the woman, which caused some to question whether the judge allowed her personal beliefs to interfere in her decision on the custody arrangements.

2 bills aim to protect Maryland victims of domestic violence

Those Maryland residents who have ever been victims of domestic violence know just how challenging and pervasive of a problem it can be. There are thousands of domestic violence reports each year in Baltimore alone. Those who are going through divorce after having suffered from an abusive spouse know just how important it can be to make resources readily available for such victims. Maryland officials are now considering two separate bills intended to help make those who have gone through domestic violence safer.

Maryland family law matters: Tips for older divorcing Americans

We've discussed the growing trend in 'gray' divorce previously ('Divorce rates increasing among baby boomer population,' May 19, 2012), but focused on potential reasons behind the increase. The considerations for older Maryland couples who divorce can be different than those for younger couples due to factors such as increased marital assets and children being grown and out of the home. One recent report goes a step further than simply discussing why older people are divorcing more often and presents tips that baby boomers can consider when going through family law matters such as divorcing at a later stage in life.

Maryland family law matters: More couples choosing not to marry

Family law matters can seem more complicated in certain Maryland cases where a couple commingles most, if not all, aspects of their lives without actually taking the formal step of getting married. Divorce makes navigating most family law matters relatively straightforward, since a judge will make those decisions that splitting couples are not able to decide themselves. But trying to divvy everything up when a couple never legally wed can sometimes add an extra layer of complication to the entire process.

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