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March 2013 Archives

Steps for protecting credit scores during Maryland divorce

After a divorce, some Maryland individuals may find themselves wondering what steps they can take to set themselves up for financial success moving forward. Certain former spouses may also want to know the best method they can use to protect their credit from any potential hits after a divorce. While some marriages end amicably, others could leave one spouse worried that another may do something that could hurt their credit standing.

Judge decides child custody dispute in favor of Deion Sanders

Child custody matters are often challenging for Maryland couples going through divorce. The ongoing child custody dispute between NFL star Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar, appears to have reached at least a temporary resolution. A jury recently returned a verdict in the child custody dispute, finding that Deion should be awarded full custody of the couple's two boys, and shared custody of their 9-year-old girl. Pilar's representative has already indicated that she plans to appeal the decision in hopes of gaining a more favorable outcome for herself.

Act intended to help domestic violence victims renewed

Advocates who support greater protections for women recently scored a big victory when President Obama signed an expanded Violence Against Women Act into law. The previous version of the Act expired a year and a half ago when Congress failed to reach an agreement on extending it. This Act is geared toward protecting victims of both sexual and domestic violence, and Maryland residents who are going through their own domestic violence troubles may wish to research the protections provided to them by this law.

Maryland divorce difficult for famous and not so famous alike

Divorce can be difficult enough for the average Maryland couple to have to go through, with considerations like property division, child custody and spousal support to be hashed out. It can be especially challenging for individuals who are regularly in the public eye to handle. Celebrities often have to contend with a lot of publicity in addition to the more mundane concerns that can pop up in the wake of a divorce announcement.

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