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February 2013 Archives

Smartphone app could help with Maryland family law matters

The phrase "they have an app for that" is one that has become fairly common over the past few years since smartphones have become increasingly popular. What may surprise some Maryland residents, however, is the fact that smartphone applications are becoming more and more relevant for family law matters as well. Now, computer scientists from one university have developed an app for the android smartphone that can actually conduct paternity tests.

Risks and benefits of maintaining secret divorce funds

Hindsight is always 20/20. As such, many who have gone through divorce wish that they had done certain things differently. In many cases, Maryland spouses undergo difficulties associated with cash flow during the divorce process, and wish that they had set aside funding to weather the timeframe between filing and the final settlement. However, the decision to create and maintain a 'secret' divorce fund has both benefits and risks.

Woman criminally charged in Maryland child custody matter

Every child custody situation is different. While a court often tries to grant shared custody, this type of arrangement is sometimes not in the best interest of the child. This is particularly true if the parents live in different states. Maryland readers may have recently heard about a child custody matter in our state that has resulted in felony charges for the noncustodial parent, who lives in another state.

Maryland man found guilty of domestic violence

A Maryland man now faces the consequences of committing domestic violence. He and his romantic partner had a serious altercation back in 2009 that allegedly resulted in different types of abuse. Also, he is charged with beating his partner again in 2011. During the second reported encounter, the victim received injuries which landed her in the hospital. Because of these charges of domestic violence, the man has been found guilty in Prince George's County and must serve forty years in prison.

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