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January 2013 Archives

Maryland pilots domestic violence program

A program that was piloted in Maryland may now affect how police respond to domestic violence all over the country. The program is intended to prevent domestic abuse situations from escalating into tragedy, as well as change the way that law enforcement handles such situations. The program requires police officers to be trained in the appropriate ways to deal with people who are involved in a domestic violence incident.

Maryland women may undergo domestic violence screenings

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a panel of medical doctors who advise the federal government, recently urged doctors and clinics to screen women aged 14-46 for signs of domestic abuse. This screening would take place in situations when there are no obvious signs of sexual or physical violence. Time will tell if this recommendation will protect more women from abuse and lead to more domestic violence charges in Maryland and elsewhere.

Nonprofit awards grants in Maryland to combat domestic violence

Verizon representatives recently met with law officials in Maryland to honor local non-profit agencies who are working to fight domestic violence. Thirteen charities from across Maryland received grant money from Verizon to help raise awareness and stop domestic violence. Domestic violence is serious but often preventable, and those victimized by it have options to protect themselves.

Maryland family law matters can be caused by addictions

Many Maryland men who are recovering alcoholics are currently being treated at the Samaritan House, a treatment center in Anne Arundel County that helps individuals caught up in substance abuse. Alcoholics and drug addicts desperately needed help with their addictions, and they are working to fight the stereotype that alcoholics and drug addicts are lazy or unproductive. Surprising statistics have recently shown that heroin overdose fatalities in Maryland grew by 41 percent in 2012 when compared to 2011. However, as many in Maryland have experienced, addiction can also cause the painful loss of a marriage and often can result in family law matters such as the loss of custody of children.

Maryland couples find Frankel, Hoppy divorce talks amicable

Many of our Maryland readers may have heard of Bethenny Frankel, the founder of popular brand 'Skinnygirl' and one of the faces of reality television. Recently, Frankel has taken to the media reporting that she and her husband, Jason Hoppy, have separated. News of the separation has spread throughout the media leaving many questioning whether divorce is the next step.

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