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How an abusive relationship affects divorce in Maryland

Maryland readers may be interested in a recent report stating that women who are in abusive relationships may have more complicated divorces financially. The report indicates that each year over five million women suffer from physical abuse at the hands of a spouse or boyfriend. This high number does not account for men who are in an abusive relationship, a phenomenon that is not altogether uncommon.

The financial implications of a divorce where abuse is present can be staggering. The abused spouse may find that they have no control over the marital finances or accounts, which can leave them desolate should they desire to file for divorce. This spouse may have to rely on the benevolence of friends and family members to support them, or may have to secretly open accounts and lines of credit on their own.

Financial advisers recommend that spouses suffering from abuse form a stable support system including outside resources for storing paperwork and records. In addition, using a secure email address at a public location can help open lines of communication to legal and other professionals. Once safety and security are established, the individual may finally be able to begin the divorce process. Though the road may be challenging, it is possible to navigate.

Whether husband or wife, divorce is challenging without the complications of an abusive relationship. Individuals in Maryland who are abused may benefit from seeking a solid support system of friends, family and professionals. Having the support from those around you can help alleviate the stress of proceeding with divorce. Once you can be assured that you are safe and secure, the divorce process may be much smoother and easy to navigate.

Source: Huffington Post, "For Divorcing Women In Abusive Relationships, Knowledge Is Power," Jeffrey A. Landers, Nov. 21, 2012

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