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December 2012 Archives

Maryland family law: Man caught for $1.2m in child support

Many in Maryland have heard about the man that is said to owe approximately $1.2 million in back child support who was recently taken into custody by the U.S. Marshal's Service at a west coast airport. His case may become one of the most sensationalized family law cases that doesn't involve a celebrity. The man has allegedly avoided paying child support to his ex-wife with whom he has two children for over 10 years.

Divorce strategies: When your spouse is a narcissist

Divorce can be a challenge, even in the best of scenarios. When that process is complicated by a personality disorder, the situation can become incredibly complicated and stressful. While many Maryland spouses throw around terms such as 'sadistic,' 'bi-polar,' and 'narcissist,' in reality these are serious psychiatric conditions that have become integrated into our lexicon. When a condition such as narcissism truly exists within a divorcing couple, the divorce process can become significantly more difficult for the other partner.

Handling child custody issues during the holidays

The holidays are a time of family. Most adults shape their holiday traditions around the experiences of their own childhoods, whether it is preserving a special memory or jettisoning a tradition that only caused strife and turmoil. When a Maryland family is divided by divorce, the holidays can present a difficult challenge, especially in cases where child custody matters are in dispute. However, there are ways that parents can minimize the stress felt by their children, and preserve the holidays as a time of joy.

How an abusive relationship affects divorce in Maryland

Maryland readers may be interested in a recent report stating that women who are in abusive relationships may have more complicated divorces financially. The report indicates that each year over five million women suffer from physical abuse at the hands of a spouse or boyfriend. This high number does not account for men who are in an abusive relationship, a phenomenon that is not altogether uncommon.

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