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November 2012 Archives

Maryland child custody eased with technology?

After divorce, the ex-couple most likely would rather spend as little time together as possible to avoid awkward and contentious circumstances. When the ex-couple are parents, though, the possibility of limiting contact becomes more difficult. Today's technology age may provide some relief for Maryland parents, however. Child custody situations are often emotionally challenging, and these challenges may begin during the divorce process and never end. For parents, these challenges can exacerbate their already high levels of tension and stress.

Family law guidelines may be hard during the holidays in Maryland

Maryland couples going through the divorce process likely know that there are many post-divorce considerations, which can become contentious. The family law areas of child support, child custody and visitation are of special concern for parents who are divorcing. What many couples may not consider is how their divorce will affect the upcoming holidays. How amicable and reasonable ex-spouses are with one another, and toward others, may influence how stressful the holidays are for everyone.

Maryland readers learn of Simpson divorce

Many of our Maryland readers likely have heard the news that Joe and Tina Simpson, parents of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, have filed for divorce. Like many couples, celebrity and otherwise, divorce can cause social tension. For Joe and Tina, rumors of Joe's sexual preference as well as suspicion that perhaps one spouse was philandering have caused tension in the divorce.

Rockville child custody complicated by overspending

While it can be tempting for Rockville parents to splurge on their kids during divorce to help reassure them of their affections, some suggest that parents resist doing so. This resistance may be especially challenging if there is joint child custody, which may mean that both parents are not on the same page as far as "emotional spending." This can lead to resentment of the parent who does not spoil, and can be damaging to the way that kids view money. This may be one potential issue that parents want to address in whatever co-parenting or child custody agreement they reach during divorce negotiations.

Maryland readers: Family law matters for unmarried couples rise

On April 20, in a post titled "Family law matters: Unmarried couples and children," we told our Maryland readers about some of the challenges that unmarried couples can face in the legal system when there are children involved. Recent reports indicate that the incidence of these challenges may be even higher, as more and more unmarried couples have children in the home. Like married couples, unmarried couples can experience family law matters such as child custody and child support, only their situations may be unique.

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