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What Maryland couples should know about snooping and divorce

A recent report indicates that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in divorce cases. Sources suggest that spouses who become suspicious of one another are turning to spy gear in order to uncover infidelity and other mischief. Couples in Maryland who are considering divorce may want to consider whether technology will be a factor in their proceedings.

One attorney stated recently that the majority of divorce cases involving infidelity that he sees involve a spouse who has spied on the other. Other reports speak of a husband who took his curiosity and technology so far that he was arrested and incarcerated for stalking his own wife. Cases like these make it easy to see the dark side of technology and how it can negatively affect relationships.

Technology companies have stated that sales are at all time highs. Devices such as nannycams, hidden cameras, and GPS tracking systems have increased significantly even over last year's sales. The increase is so substantial in the divorce arena that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted a survey to gauge the impact. The results indicated that use of such devices as smartphones to snoop and spy increased by as much as 92 percent in the law practice of attorneys surveyed.

It is important that Maryland couples remember that there are legal implications involved when it comes to snooping. There is a "╩╗reasonable expectation of privacy,╩╝" which complicates matters in a marriage. There are numerous stories throughout the U.S. of spouses snooping, many of which have landed the couple in court outside the realm of divorce.

Maryland couples who are considering divorce may benefit from being open and honest with one another as they move the proceeding forward. Instead of attempting to navigate the murky waters of snooping legality, it may be better to keep both feet firmly planted on stable ground. When issues do arise, having the right support system in place may be all that is needed to secure a positive, mutually equitable arrangement.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "A Spy-Gear Arms Race Transforms the Modern Divorce," Steve Eder and Jennifer Valentino-Devries, Oct. 6, 2012

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