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October 2012 Archives

What Maryland couples should know about snooping and divorce

A recent report indicates that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in divorce cases. Sources suggest that spouses who become suspicious of one another are turning to spy gear in order to uncover infidelity and other mischief. Couples in Maryland who are considering divorce may want to consider whether technology will be a factor in their proceedings.

Collaborative divorce in Maryland: A gentler alternative

Last April 26, we posted a piece on this blog about the benefits of a collaborative divorce in Maryland ("Reduce stress with divorce by working together"). This style of divorce appears to be gaining in favor, as opposed to the traditional notion of fighting it all out in court. One problem with a litigated divorce is the cost, together with the wait to have one's case heard by a judge. On the other hand, a collaborative approach involves the couple working with a team of interdisciplinary professionals to solve problems in a supportive and cooperative effort.

Do Maryland parents know the costs associated with child custody?

There are many costs associated with divorce for Maryland parents. When determining child custody, there are several other things that must be agreed upon. Child support as well as many other nuances like health care and insurance coverage must be addressed. Some sources recommend that parents consider the longer term costs associated with raising children before the legal aspects of divorce ensue. Doing so, along with getting a head start at co-parenting, may help build a stable family unit for the divorce process and beyond.

Rockville family law process may change with divorce coaches

A new concept is entering the divorce field, which may have many couples feeling more confident when they go through a divorce. Now, more and more individuals trained in various areas such as finance and counseling are becoming divorce coaches, a concept which may take the family law arena by storm. By providing services in conjunction with legal representation, these divorce coaches may be a helpful component to success. Rockville couples considering divorce may find that the help of a divorce coach benefits their divorce proceeding and provides expertise in personal areas outside the scope of the legal aspects of divorce.

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