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September 2012 Archives

Kelsey Grammer divorce settlement may inspire Maryland couples

Choosing how to divide property and assets during a divorce can be challenging for some Maryland couples. For couples with a high-net worth, the process can be even more challenging. Recently, another celebrity divorce has graced media reports. The divorce of Kelsey and Camille Grammer is not new news to many, but their reaching a settlement in their division of assets may be.

Rockville couples should prepare for life, finances after divorce

Divorce affects every Rockville couple differently, though the one constant that every couple faces is that divorce alters their financial situation. Whether it is losing one income, paying child support or spousal support, or dividing certain assets, the financial implications of divorce are very real. One thing that couples may benefit from considering is how their financial situation will stand in the weeks and months following the divorce.

Rockville couples may consider planning ahead for divorce

With statistics reminding couples that so many marriages end in divorce, it is no wonder that many couples want to plan for the future and the possibility that they will face divorce. Rockville couples who are newly married may be interested in a lesser publicized protective measure known as a postnuptial agreement. Unlike a prenuptial agreement that is decided before a marriage occurs, a postnuptial agreement is drafted after the honeymoon. Both are similar in that they protect the interests of each spouse in the event of divorce.

Child custody tips for Maryland parents during back to school

Beyond the basics of determining who will be the primary custodial parent and who will have visitation rights, there are several areas of a child's life that may cause parents to think a bit deeper into the role of child custody. One of the most prominent areas is school. When it's time for kids in Maryland to go back to school, parents may find that their agreement needs to be revised in order for the family to work together adequately. While overall child custody arrangements may not change, visitation and involvement roles may.

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