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Maryland divorce may benefit from religious support system

Divorce can be an emotional experience for even the most understanding people. Because so much time and effort goes into a marriage, some people have a hard time adjusting to life after a divorce. People in Maryland who are considering a divorce may choose to look for systems of support to help them transition once the divorce is finalized. For some, religion may play a part in how successful they are at coping after divorce.

Recently, scientists have taken a closer look at the intermingling of religion and divorce. One study was conducted to see how religion factors into divorce coping mechanisms for a variety of people. Scientists seem to believe that negative religious emotions toward divorce can lead people to have adjustment problems once divorced. Negative 'religious coping' may be illustrated when people believe that they are being punished in their divorce, when they have spiritual guilt, or when they are cast aside by their religious kinsmen. Positive religious coping would be exploring prayer, meditation and worship.

Data was collected from 89 divorcees, and then was again checked one year post divorce. A large part of the group considered themselves to be Christian, either protestant or Catholic, while a small portion claimed no religious affiliation. Results indicated that those who used negative religious coping were found to be more depressed than their counterparts. Conversely, those who used positive religious coping experienced greater personal growth. Additionally, planning and humor were found to reduce depression for those with the absence of a religious affiliation.

This study may not consider all aspects of divorce and each individual situation, but it may illustrate how important it is to have a strong support system in place during and after divorce. Maryland couples who are considering divorce may find it helpful to explore their support options during the process so that they are established after the divorce is finalized. Having a proper system of support in place, both personally and professionally, can be a great asset in divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, "Does Religion Help Or Hurt Divorce Adjustment?," Robert Hughes, Jr., Aug. 2, 2012

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