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August 2012 Archives

Domestic violence cases in Maryland may resemble celebrity case

Maryland couples likely know that disagreements are very common in relationships. Unfortunately, in some cases, the disagreement can escalate beyond words to physical actions which can be violent and injurious. When a spouse or partner is abused or injured as a result, it is important that they seek help immediately.Domestic violence is perhaps one of the most difficult crimes to report, but these cases can be successfully navigated when the abused person is willing to come forward.

Maryland divorce may benefit from religious support system

Divorce can be an emotional experience for even the most understanding people. Because so much time and effort goes into a marriage, some people have a hard time adjusting to life after a divorce. People in Maryland who are considering a divorce may choose to look for systems of support to help them transition once the divorce is finalized. For some, religion may play a part in how successful they are at coping after divorce.

Child custody in Rockville easier when family comes first

Rockville parents considering divorce may think that once papers are filed, they are free of their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Most parents will find, however, that this is not the case. Once papers are finalized and a stable child custody arrangement has been made, the next step is learning to co-parent effectively, which begins with the realization that both spouses will be involved forever. The reorganization of the family unit is shifted significantly after divorce, but so long as the interests of the child are put first, the arrangement can be extremely successful.

Is Maryland divorce financially safer than legal separation?

Maryland couples considering divorce have options available to them as they pursue the dissolution of their marriage. One of the options is a legal separation which can specify details of arrangements such as child custody, property division, and more in the event that the couple moves into divorce. The second option is moving straight into the divorce process. Both of these options can have a significant impact on a couple's financial situation, but many couples may not understand the difference.

Maryland couples in divorce should heed this federal order

In a recent federal court decision, a judge found that a woman unlawfully used spyware against her estranged husband in an attempt to gather information against him. As a result of the judge's order, one which may have some effect on similar cases in Maryland, the judge ordered the woman to pay her husband $20,000 in damages for her unlawful acts. At the time in which the spying had occurred, the parties were going through a divorce proceeding.

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