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Tips on child custody, co-parenting after divorce

Divorce often feels like a complicated situation that can be impossible to navigate peacefully, especially when it comes to child custody disputes. Many divorcing parents in Maryland and throughout the nation ask themselves if they'll ever be able to reach an amicable child custody arrangement with their former spouse. One couple who divorced in 2003 decided to share their insights into how they co-parent peacefully and effectively in an effort to help others struggling with the same burning question.

Both acknowledge that co-parenting successfully is an ongoing learning exercise but feel that they have reached a peaceful child custody arrangement that works for them. They started co-parenting by researching how to co-parent successfully in the wake of divorce but couldn't find quite what they were looking for. They found plenty of books on emotional healing, but not much information on reaching peaceful co-parenting agreements with former spouses.

These two ex-spouses decided to take the lessons they had learned throughout their own divorce process and turn them into an electronic book offered online. They recommend that parents take the emotional sting out of the process and focus first and foremost on what is best for the children involved. In their experience, sharing child custody after divorce does not have to turn into a dramatic and hateful situation.

This pair of divorcees believes that by focusing on what's best for the children first and foremost, decisions are easier to make without them becoming caught up in emotions. They say that communication can be one of the most challenging aspects of co-parenting and child custody arrangements after divorce, but that it is critical to maintain the peace for all parties involved. One final piece of advice they give is to never make the children the middlemen when it comes to dialogue between divorced parents.

Source:, "Area divorced couple teaching others how to co-parent peacefully," Tracy Frank, June 19, 2012

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