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What women over 50 should consider in the divorce process

Dissatisfaction in marriage can appear at any age; however, for women over 50 the complexities associated with considering or moving forward with divorce may be different than that of their younger counterparts. The AARP has released data showing that two-thirds of the divorce cases involving couples over 50 are initiated by the wife.

Maryland women over 50 who are considering divorce might wish to also consider some of the potential complications that they may find when they begin the divorce process. A group of female authors have made recommendations that women may find helpful.

The first recommendation is for women to consider their relationship with their husband and determine if there are any factors in the relationship that will make the process easier or more difficult.

The second recommendation is to consider the children and whether or not the relationship is being held together by the children, which may not be healthy. It is true that divorce affects the couple, their children, and others, but for adults considering divorce, their needs should be the determining factor.

Skipping to the fifth recommendation, as it ties directly into the third, women may need to consider the emotional aspects of divorce, such as prying questions and complicated emotions from family and friends. The third recommendation is considering the sexual aspects of the marriage.

The fourth is considering the financial implications of divorce, which is one of the most important factors in many divorce cases. For women who have education and work experience, this factor may not seem so intimidating, but for women who have been out of the workforce or who are stay at home moms, the financial factors associated with divorce can be staggering.

Again skipping ahead, the sixth recommendation is closely related to the fourth, which is consideration of whether the woman considering divorce is able to live on their own either financially, physically or emotionally.

Loneliness and financial obligations associated with starting over are very real concerns, which many women may find beneficial to consider before important decisions are made. Maryland women who are facing divorce at any age may find it beneficial to sort through some of these considerations before making any final decisions about the divorce process. Divorce can be complicated, and the added complexities associated with long term or second marriages and the assets, property, and time invested can be difficult to navigate. Experience is vital when choosing an attorney. Experienced attorneys help take the stress of your shoulders by being able to effectively prepare for complications instead of respond to them.

Source: Huffington Post, "Are You Too Old To Get A Divorce?," Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, May 30, 2012

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