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Facebook: A growing cause of divorce

For some Maryland couples, when divorce finally comes, it almost seems like it was inevitable. However, for others, the word divorce is a total shock uses it for the first time. With social media growing enormously over the past several years, it has added to the problem in many marriages.

More and more, stories surface of spouses who believed that their relationship was just fine until they discovered something about their spouse's Facebook page, which sometimes exposes a double-life about which the unsuspecting spouse previously knew nothing.

While MySpace used to be the leader, Facebook and Twitter have well surpassed as the leading social networking sites. Facebook has reportedly been a major cause for many recent divorces across the country. One main reason for this is that Facebook allows an individual to have a different life, so to speak. Facebook allows an individual to connect with old flames and meet new people. This has potential to eventually lead to trouble in am already troubled relationship.

Similar to when someone is arrested and told anything spoken can be used against them in court, anything you say online -- on Facebook, for example -- may end up being used against you in the courtroom. Countless marriages are said to be impacted because of Facebook. Some spouses are even finding out their husband or wife wants a divorce because they posted it as a status update on Facebook instead of just telling them to their face.

Facebook can now be used against you in court. Whether it is status updates, location-based check-ins, or photographs, what you post online for the world to see can potentially be used against you in court. Maryland residents would be wise to be careful of the photos they post as well as anything that is said on social networking sites, as it could be the one thing that tips the scales toward a lesser divorce settlement or even puts child custody at risk.

Source: CBS New York, "Seen At 11: The New Face Of Divorce," April 26, 2012

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