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May 2012 Archives

Routine domestic violence screenings may reduce abuse, save lives

Maryland advocates for the prevention of domestic violence may be glad to know that a new analysis on domestic violence reveals that routine screening for domestic violence in women could reduce cases of abuse and injuries. A review is being conducted by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force that has already indicated that routine screening for domestic violence could prevent future abuse.

Will domestic violence bill extension cause rift in protection?

Maryland domestic violence advocates beware, the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to renew the 1994 Violence against Women Act. There is skepticism that the extension of the law will provide adequate domestic violence protections as it does not extend explicit protection to illegal immigrants, Native Americans, and homosexuals. The bill was narrowly voted in with six Democrats joining the 216 Republicans in favor of the bill, while 23 Republicans joined the 182 Democrats opposed to the bill.

Divorce rates increasing among baby boomer population

Maryland residents may not be surprised to hear that recent reports show divorce rates among the baby boomer population have nearly doubled over a 20 year period, many of them after long-term marriages. Many families in recent years have likely noticed that their aunts, uncles, parents, or even grandparents have filed for divorce, an action that most people attribute to younger couples and not older couples in long-term marriages.

More fathers being awarded primary child custody than ever before

It is common knowledge that many states across the country, including Maryland, have had an increase in single mother households during the last few decades, but this is no longer the fastest growing family dynamic in America.

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