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February 2012 Archives

Maryland divorce rate declines; economy a cause?

Even when Maryland spouses mutually agree to go their separate ways and do so on relatively friendly terms, the divorce process can still be difficult as it may involve a number of complicated issues. Because of the complexity of divorce, it may come as no surprise that it can also be expensive. That may help explain why divorce rates are falling in these tough economic times, although other factors could certainly be at play as well.

Digital espionage is becoming a trend in divorce cases

As many Maryland residents know, divorce is far from a uniform matter. Sure, there are financial and emotional issues that are inherent to the topic of divorce; but no separating couple is going to have the same divorce as another. With the delicate issues that are at stake in a divorce - child custody, marital assets and property, to name a few - any bit of detrimental information can be used against you and harm your case.

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