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Having devoted nearly 25 years of my career to family law matters, I understand how litigation and trial can place children in a legal and emotional tug of war. At the law office of Steven J. Gaba, I advise clients to pursue creative resolutions to their complex divorce issues through the collaborative law process. Collaborative law requires both parties to sign a contract stating they will not litigate their divorce. This process helps parties focus on finding solutions.

As a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, I possess a sophisticated understanding of Maryland's recently revised collaborative law process. With proper guidance, alternative dispute resolutions can provide you with more control over the outcome of your divorce without the expense and stress of litigation.

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The Collaborative Law Process

Typically, collaborative law focuses on providing solutions in the best interests of the children. The collaborative process involves in-depth evaluations by allied professionals to help both parties make informed decisions. It also gives parents access to specialists without their attorneys needing to be present. Expert evaluations can provide neutral input to help both parties determine flexible, well-structured solutions to their complex issues.

My extensive experience as a Rockville collaborative divorce attorney enables me to work closely with a network of professionals to uncover creative solutions to my clients' needs. The team chosen to collaborate with you will reflect your situation. For instance, mental health experts can be consulted to determine child custody arrangements best suited to each child. Financial experts can evaluate assets to find creative property division allocations that consider the incomes and tax consequences of both parties, as well as child support needs and obligations.

Experienced Trial Attorney

My extensive legal career has provided me with valuable insights into divorce issues. While I pursue alternative dispute resolutions, such as collaborative law and mediation, I also understand that certain circumstances require litigation and trial. If I feel that taking your case to trial is in your best interest, I will fight to protect your rights. With decades of trial experience, I have the fortitude and resources to take your case to trial.

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