Rockville Domestic Violence Lawyer

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I take a strong and aggressive approach to domestic violence matters. In my decades of experience handling family law cases, I have represented men, women, alleged victims and alleged abusers. I understand the serious legal consequences attached to domestic abuse charges, as well as the severe emotional and physical damages often associated with domestic violence.

In addition to my experience handling divorce cases, I also have experience as a former New York public defender. I understand the criminal implications involved with domestic violence, and provide straightforward guidance based on my clients' unique situations.

Protecting Clients in Abusive Relationships

When I believe a client is involved in an abusive relationship, I provide education on the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their children. At the law office of Steven J. Gaba, my guidance includes how to approach the court system, if needed, as well as contacting the police the moment they feel threatened. In Maryland, you do not need a lawyer to obtain an order of protection. However, you will need an attorney to represent your interests at a final protection hearing.

Different ways clients can protect themselves and their children can include:

  • Keeping a bag handy so they can run
  • Making sure they have access to alternative housing
  • Setting aside funds to support themselves
  • Seeking help from publicly funded shelters
  • Safeguarding inheritances and other assets

Protecting Clients Against Allegations of Abuse

As a dedicated Rockville domestic violence attorney, I understand the lasting consequences attached to domestic violence allegations, charges and convictions. Individuals with a temporary protection order filed against them have only seven days from the filing date to request a hearing. I have the experience and resources to evaluate your situation and show that allegations are false. Without proper representation, you could face serious consequences, including:

  • Social stigma
  • Kick-out orders preventing you from living in your home
  • Orders preventing you from seeing your children

With decades of experience handling divorce cases, I understand that individuals often make false allegations to secure child custody. I am dedicated to protecting my clients' rights at every stage of their cases. I will evaluate your case from every angle to determine the best course of action.

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